Flow cytometry

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      Principal function:
      Detect and measure the characteristics of a population of cells or particles.

      Technical data:
      - Power54 W
      - Voltage12 VDC
      - Capacity Consists of two lasers, one blue (488 nm) and one red (640 nm) for the detection of FSC, SSC and four fluorescences with optical filters optimized for the detection of fluorochromes such as FITC, PE, PerCP and APC

      Cell count and classification according to their morphological characteristics and presence of biomarkers

      Materials and instruments required:
      - Vials
      - Validation beads
      - 0.22 µm filter
      - Vortex mixer
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      NameCitometro de flujo
      ManufacturersBecton, Dickinson and Company


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