Circle of Studies of Radio and podcast

Organization profile

organization profile

The Circle of Radio and Podcast Studies is in charge of listening, analyzing, developing and strengthening capacities for the production, realization and dissemination of content through these media. They have their own online station, Ultra Frecuencia, through which they broadcast their content.


Consolidate a space in which interested students can expand their knowledge of radio and podcast, share experiences in content development and strengthen their skills in the different stages of the production and dissemination process.


They are a learning space for content management, in which students undertake radio and podcast initiatives and projects that contribute to our professional development.


Creativity, teamwork, leadership, responsibility, respect, commitment, dialogue, passion


  • Content analysis Conversations
  • Training Radio broadcasts
  • Podcast production
  • Dissemination of content

Roles to be fulfilled within the circle

  • Community manager
  • Producer
  • Presenter
  • Control operator or audio editor