Organization profile

organization profile

The journalism circle is constituted as the space for analysis and exchange of good practices and strategies for the professional exercise of a journalistic career. It fulfills the following objectives and activities:

  • It will raise current issues that serve as a stimulus for intellectual discussion on ethics, politics, and their application in the generation of content with added value.
  • Promote the exchange of ideas with figures from the local journalistic field.
  • Carry out workshops to stimulate discussion on real and current cases.
  • Analyze the performance of the communication media in the country, the processes of news construction, the role of journalists in social development and the use of new technological platforms.


Provide students of the University of Lima with first-rate tools for the academic and professional enrichment of their specialty.


To be the program of analysis and academic and university debate par excellence of this House of Studies and of the city of Lima.


Honesty, transparency, integrity, truthfulness, excellence and perseverance.