Organization profile

organization profile

The Circle of Performing Arts of the University of Lima (CAE) is a space that ignites creativity and provides inspiration. It is dedicated to disseminating all types of artistic expression in the university community by carrying out activities that reinforce what has been established and the exploration of the experimental. These activities involve members of the circle both on stage and behind it, allowing them to develop their skills and talents. The space provided by the CAE complements professional training and comprehensive development, as it encourages art production, understanding of the creative process, and artistic delight. To achieve this, the knowledge that members have about artistic production is shared with others through workshops, workshops and interaction with the university community.


Varieté: Variety show. Event carried out by the CAE every cycle in the television studios of the Faculty of Communication, in which students from the university community or other external guests show their talents in music, theater, dance and other performing arts in a space specially designed to share art.

Discussions: The CAE organizes discussions on topics related to the different performing arts and the production of artistic shows. For this, it has the participation of both special guests, who from different points of view bring us closer to the subject, as well as the attending public who intervene with questions.

Artistic projects: The members of the CAE present all the cycles different artistic projects related to theater, music, stand up comedy and other disciplines that are staged and shared with the public of the university community. Workshops: The CAE organizes training workshops for its members in order to enhance their artistic and creative abilities. These workshops are taught by older members or by guests. To date, theater, stand up comedy and script writing workshops have been held.

Currently, the circle meetings are held on Fridays from 5 pm to 7 pm


  • NX Arts in general
  • Performing arts
  • theater