Organization profile

organization profile

This circle promotes reflection, research, debate and promotion of issues related to family businesses. The dynamics of the business family and the family business are studied in order for the student to generate skills that contribute to the development and sustainability of family businesses.


  • Train students from the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences and the University of Lima in the concepts of Business Family with Family Business, recognizing their strengths and vicissitudes (communication, negotiation, conflict, and strategic decision-making).
  • Contribute to the specialization of the student who wishes to participate in a family business by providing specific training on issues related to family businesses in order to achieve their development and sustainability.
  • Promote the deepening of matters related to business families and family businesses, addressing issues of ethics, corporate governance structures, succession mechanisms, family protocol, culture, leadership, dispute resolution in family businesses, among others.
  • Prepare an online newsletter that will allow the dissemination of research and analysis developed by the study circle, and relevant topics for family businesses.
  • Disseminate issues related to the development and sustainability of family businesses through talks, seminars and forums.
  • Dissemination of the work of the circle as a case that reflects the application of some good practice or advantages of the professionalization of family businesses or a good generational transition, etc.