Organization profile

organization profile

The main objective of the Software Research and Development Study Circle(CEIDS) is to investigate topics related to software and develop applications that solve problems and requirements of internal or external clients. It disseminates its achievements internally and externally to interested students, institutions and companies.


Investigate software technologies and implement high-quality innovative solutions, based on various platforms, within an environment founded on values ​​that encourages the integral development of all CEIDS collaborators.


Be the leading study circle in Peru in applied research and implementation of software solutions based on various technologies, guaranteeing high levels of quality and the total satisfaction of our users.


Commitment, innovation, service vocation, optimism, teamwork


The organization of the circle is a matrix that tries to guide the interests, hobbies and potential of students with the aim of preparing them for the job market. Notwithstanding this, the following teams have been established:

  • Games: Research and development of video games on different platforms and languages.
  • Mobile: Research and development of mobile applications with Android fundamentally although without neglecting iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone.
  • Web: Everything about developing applications for the Web using Java frameworks (and why not with .NET / PHP / Python and others).
  • Cloud: Research and development of applications in the main clouds: Google App Engine, Amazon Elastic Cloud and Windows Azure. In addition, private cloud infrastructure is investigated and implemented using free software.
  • Database: Knowledge of traditional RDBMS is complemented and new trends in NoSQL are investigated

Currently, the circle meetings are held on Saturdays at 4 p.m.