Organization profile

organization profile

The Digital Fabrication Laboratory (Fabrication Laboratory, Fab Lab Ulima) allows the creation of functional prototypes that solve a real problem of society. It has capabilities for design and prototyping through printing and other technologies and provides services to students in subjects such as the Research Seminar and the Technological Innovation Workshop. The intensive use of design software packages is an opportunity for product development; in addition, the use of reverse engineering is one of the main strengths of this laboratory.

The Ulima Fab Lab participates in research, problem solving and development of new technologies for the benefit of society. In conjunction with the Manufacturing and Electronics laboratories, the Fab Lab Ulima makes projects with a social profile and entrepreneurial projects a reality, such as the following:

Manufacture of plastic injection molds, which constitute strengths for the execution of projects with Peru's industrial park.
Precise carving of materials in three or more dimensions at the same time.
Development of electronic cards. Currently working with SMD circuits to achieve quite compact development cards.