Organization profile

organization profile

Its purpose is to provide academic-educational services to engineering students in the areas of manufacturing processes, metal mechanics, simple and specialized welding, as well as in the handling and selection of equipment and internal combustion engines. It also provides technical and design support for equipment and accessories to faculties and other areas of the University, mainly to researchers at the Institute for Scientific Research (IDIC).

In this space, students can participate in the development of mechanical projects through the manufacture of prototypes and metallic elements, as well as in projects for machine parts and pieces, such as poles for suction systems, mechanisms for printing equipment or accessories for filming equipment.

The Laboratory of Machines and Instruments has supported research projects, such as the development of patents for handicapped chairs, mechanisms for the extraction of essential oils, and the design and construction of a tubular cart. Among its own projects are the manufacture of a series parallel water pump module, the manufacture of modules for diesel and gasoline combustion engines, the design of an automobile gearbox mock-up, and metal material dispenser systems.