Aesthetics and the construction of meaning in the Lima of Peruvian cinema (2000-2019)

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This work, located at the intersection of cinema and society, proposes to analyze the endings of a group of Peruvian films (released in the 21st century) to describe the spirit of the times in which they were conceived. Starting from the idea of ¿¿Frank Kermode that all fiction confers an effect of meaning to its stories in its narrative closings, this work wants to show the vision of the world, the sensitivity, the ethical, aesthetic, moral and ideological disposition that nests in the endings of the most realistic and social Lima cinema. If, as Kenneth Burke understood, stories are metaphors for life, it will be interesting to know what the imposition and the future of these films have been in the face of the social themes and contexts that their stories have addressed.
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/03/21