Analysis of the improvement in the arithmetic performance of girls (os) using the Tawa Pukllay (SERO) method in a multigrade classroom of primary education developed in the ancestral Kañaris community and in the context of a pandemic

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Mathematics elicits very strong positive and negative emotional reactions. The Andean Tawa Pukllay method is characterized by its effectiveness, speed, playful approach and strategy creation. In addition, it incorporates ancestral cultural and linguistic elements of Peru, as well as the concrete use of visuospatial relationships and movements associated with the manipulation of objects on an Inca board. This board is based on a pattern recognition that allows to perform arithmetic operations quickly, in parallel and without the need to memorize the carries, use loans in the subtractions, use multiplication tables or score in the divisions. The research seeks to demonstrate the effectiveness of this method in girls and boys considered digitally illiterate, in a multigrade rural education classroom. The aim is to overcome the low levels of arithmetic performance of the Andean Kañaris community and help them exercise their right to education in a pandemic context, through a support technology tool that incorporates this method and is based on the remote educational system. offline (SERO).
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/03/21


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