Big data application in the ""personalization"" of consumer law

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The object of this work is focused on the study of big data and its use in the development of personalized rules or adjusted to the peculiarities of each consumer. Big data can ""predict"" the preferences or tastes of each subject, but also, what is the level of diligence they have to carry out certain activities.
The ¿personalization¿ of the informing rules of consumer protection law can lead to the end of the reasonable consumer standard, and be oriented rather towards the design of duties of care or diligence, considering the behavioral pattern of each consumer as an individual. It will be determined if the application of big data is viable and if its ultimate goal is to guarantee a more efficient and fair legal protection.
Using the comparative method, European and North American doctrine and jurisprudence will be studied in order to evaluate the different proposed alternatives and their possible adoption.
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/03/21