Carmen Ollé and Mariela Dreyfus: Nights of Adrenaline and Memories of Electra

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Carmen Ollé and Mariela Dreyfus are two great contemporary Peruvian poets who represent the preponderance of female poetic lyric from the eighties of the twentieth century. The research is interdisciplinary in nature and attempts to compare the work of these two authors by examining two contemporary collections of poems: 'Noches de adrenalina' (1981) and 'Memories of electra' (1984). For this, three analytical perspectives will be used: comparative rhetoric, the gender approach and the theory of the discourse of power. From the first, the interdiscursive analysis that involves comparing poems will be taken, establishing the link between style resources and world views. Regarding the gender approach, the notion of gender will be assimilated as a performative act. Regarding the theory of the discourse of power, the mechanisms of control of the discourses will be studied through the use of orientational metaphors in the poetry of Ollé and Dreyfus. Likewise, the contributions of the general textual rhetoric of Giovanni Bottiroli will be taken to observe how in a literary work there is not a single style, but a plurality of styles according to the polyphonic vision of Mijaíl Bakhtín. The fundamental purpose is to verify, from an interdiscursive analysis, how Ollé and Dreyfus make a critique of the androcentric symbolic order and a questioning of the hegemonic control of discourses based on a set of stylistic and structural procedures that give coherence to female poetic discourse.
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/03/21


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