Computational creativity. Theoretical questions and practical applications

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Computational creativity is one of the most widespread concepts in the field of technology and digital content production. However, the majority of discourses on this topic make references to conceptual categories of aesthetics without a critical analysis of their notions in the process of adoption to digital media. It is also necessary to diagnose the technical and economic difficulties that cultural production encounters to survive in the market.
The objective of this research is to complement the theories of creativity in the case of the use of generative systems or artificial intelligence for audiovisual production, focusing on two cases with wide repercussions in the field of art and education: the creation of electronic music and the elaboration of 2D images. The creative tactics of interface designers, DJ musicians, graphic artists, teachers and students will be evaluated, and an attempt will be made to establish principles for the application of computational creativity through the development of experimental software.
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/03/21