Design and numerical analysis of onshore foundations for a Vortex Bladeless type wind power generator

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The use of renewable energies has spread widely in the first world countries with the goal of reaching zero carbon dioxide production by 2030. Peru cannot be oblivious to this reality and more resources should be invested to investigate new alternative energy sources. Compared with the traditional wind turbine, the bladeless vortex type power converter has the advantage of lower construction and maintenance cost, as well as being more environmentally friendly. There are several types of foundations to support a wind power generator. Geotechnical design and the selection of suitable design parameters are based on a complex procedure. Possible variations in soil properties and wind speed need to be considered in the foundation design. Torsional loads can be significant in shallow foundations in bladeless vortex-type structures. Despite this, the torsional effects in these types of foundations have not been fully studied. This project proposes the development of computational numerical models to fully study the phenomenon of conversion from wind-vibrational energy to mechanical energy, with emphasis on soil-structure interaction.
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/03/21


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