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The permanent and rapid development of new equipment and technologies motivates us to innovate and improve construction processes through the automation of monitoring and control of building construction, achieving a better quality final product.
In this line, the development of mechanisms for the automation of the control and monitoring of the construction processes is proposed from the use of artificial intelligence and the capture of images from conventional cameras (PTZ and Bullet) and infrared cameras. In this way, the aim is to develop an alert and prediction model that allows the construction process to be monitored automatically and constantly during its execution, with the ability to detect deficiencies or failures in said process.


Through the installation of conventional and other thermographic cameras (sensitive to heat) and through the generation of images and videos, relevant information can be collected such as the detection of cracks and microcracks and other construction procedures related to the handling of concrete (Flores Larsen et al. ., 2012), which is one of the most used materials in construction in Peru (Orozco et al., 2018).

Taking again as a case study the Building Project "Center for Technological Innovation" of the University of Lima, which provides continuous information to the Research Project and Artificial Intelligence Model that is being carried out, new automation systems will be developed applied to Engineering and control systems will be improved as more sophisticated and faster equipment is available.
Effective start/end date1/04/2231/03/23


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Control of works
  • frames
  • thermography

Research areas and lines

  • Innovation: technologies and products

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  • Applied


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