Economic-legal factors to incorporate timeshare as a real right within the Peruvian legal system

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During the sixties, observing that the sale of properties located in a tourist complex did not offer the expected profits, some real estate companies dedicated to the construction of large hotels and tourist complexes opted to create a new system, through which a property to use and enjoy it during a specific period of the year in exchange for an investment directly proportional to the time of effective use. We refer to timeshare or timeshare, which gives rise to several subjects being able to use and enjoy a property in perpetuity, alternately and according to their turn in an annual period. This right can even be transmitted.
Our research aims to determine the most relevant economic and legal factors for a regulation in accordance with our reality, which allows the development not only of domestic and foreign tourism in Peru, but, above all, its economic development.
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/03/21