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This project aims to study the narrative production of a representative group of contemporary Peruvian women writers. It is, without a doubt, a phenomenon that has not yet received due attention from specialized critics and that, however, today occupies an important space in the field of our literature given the growing number of publications –collections of short stories, novels and anthologies– that are part of the catalogs of the most important publishers.
In the analysis of the selected corpus, some of the conceptual contributions of feminist criticism are adopted, in particular the problematization of gender, "conceived as a cultural construct whose characteristics vary historically according to time, place, type of culture, etc." (Potock, 206). The research examines how the female fictional subject (whether narrators and/or characters) is constituted in the face of the symbolic order established by a patriarchal society/culture, what are the discursive strategies adopted by that subject and how it positions itself and appropriates language. to give voice to their experiences.


For several decades, female literary production in our country has remained relegated due to the considerations of a literary system made up of critics, editors, professors and authority figures that have implicitly or explicitly privileged the voices of their male peers. As far as narrative is concerned, few studies have addressed the issue of gender. This research aims to analyze, among other aspects, the discursive and narrative strategies adopted by the voices and fictional subjects of the selected texts, how they position themselves in relation to the world and use language to represent their experiences; how power relations between genders are considered and the empowerment of women is carried out in the public sphere; how relationships between women are established both within the family and outside it and the place occupied by the affectivity and corporality of the female subject.
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  • female writing
  • peruvian narrative
  • gender perspective
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