Study of the photoreduction of CO2 on MOFs * 1 to obtain precursors of liquid fuels

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The first phase proposes as a systematic of different configurations of metallorganic materials that contain free metallic sites or functional groups suitable for an effective interaction with CO2. It will seek to synthesize especially stable materials in humid conditions. In addition, computational calculations will be carried out in order to understand the molecule adsorption mechanism and, where appropriate, suggest possible binders or metallic centers that could improve this capacity.
In the second phase, the performance evaluation of the synthesized MOFs for CO2 adsorption and its eventual photo-reduction to liquid fuel precursors - methanol - will be developed.
In the third phase, the conditions and materials with the best performance in this task will be identified, in order to determine the possible ways of photoreduction of CO2 in reusable substances. The catalytic performance will be compared to conventional materials such as zeolites or mixed oxides. At this stage, computational calculations together with results obtained from spectroscopic analysis will help to propose a reaction mechanism. The result of this stage will be the generation of materials that contribute to the mitigation of greenhouse gases, which consequently implies an improvement in air quality.
Short titlefotorreducción de CO2 sobre MOFs
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/03/21


  • MOFs
  • Photoreduction
  • CO2


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