Extraterritorial effectiveness of international divorce

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This research examines the relevance of the requirements for the recognition of divorce judgments issued in foreign countries. It takes as a starting point the analysis of national judgments that dismiss the exequatur in the matter and confronts them with the current global context characterized by the fragility of marriage and the consolidation of values ¿¿different from the traditional model, specifically opposed to that of the patriarchal family. Likewise, it notes that the progressive increase in the number of divorces pronounced in other countries reveals shortcomings in the systems of private international law.
To do this, it studies, first, the law and the way in which the operators of the law apply it. It complements the study of the subject by establishing, secondly, a comparative analysis of the legal systems of some countries of the region and of the European space. Finally, it seeks efficient responses that guarantee the fundamental rights of people, specifically the right to free development of their personality.
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/03/21