Civil liability and its application in labor matters. An interdisciplinary analysis

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The research will consist of an interdisciplinary analysis between civil liability, from the point of view of private law (civil law), and its relationship with labor law. For this purpose, the judgments issued by the judicial bodies (Labor Courts, Labor Chambers, Supreme Court, Constitutional Court) will be analyzed to note how the judges in labor matters have applied the fundamentals of civil liability (theme developed by the doctrine, the legislation and civil law jurisprudence) for cases of occupational accidents, occupational diseases, fraudulent dismissal, wrongful dismissal and other forms of impairment or detriment originated in the work activity. Thus, a deconstructive analysis of both the judicial pronouncements and the labor doctrine will be carried out, to verify the correct application of the criteria, principles and functions of civil liability and propose a better approach between these disciplines.
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/03/21


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