The digital life of children from the perspective of their rights of free expression, recreation and participation

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In the daily lives of children, digital media are increasingly important. Since the phenomenon in vogue of the Youtubers or videobloggers (vloggers) -who create and publish video content-, children also participate in this wave. The vlogosphere is being configured as a children's digital public sphere, where vlogs are freely created audiovisual material. More and more children are prosumers, including Youtubers or vloggers, where they capture their daily lives. In this sense, children's vlogs are thus constituted in a rich and unexplored material, open to be analyzed, through which we can learn more about the universe of children. This research proposes to analyze children's vlogs in the light of the Rights of the Child, to know how Peruvian youtubers children exercise their rights of free expression, recreation and participation using digital media.
Short titleDigital childhoods and rights
Effective start/end date1/03/171/03/18


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