Magda Portal and Blanca Varela: Constancy of being and waltzes and other false confessions

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This research seeks to confront the work of two renowned Peruvian poets: Magda Portal and Blanca Varela, by studying their poems Constancia del ser (1965) and Valses and other false confessions (1964-1971). For this, three perspectives will be used: comparative rhetoric, the gender approach and the theory of power discourse. The interdiscursive analysis will be taken from the first. Regarding the gender approach, the notion of gender will be assimilated as a performative act. With regard to the theory of power discourse, the mechanisms of control of discourses will be studied. The fundamental purpose is to verify, through an interdiscursive analysis, how Portal and Varela criticize the androcentric symbolic order and question the hegemonic control of speeches.
Effective start/end date1/04/1931/03/20


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