Improvement of the quality of the water used in trout farming through the use of pellets manufactured from the waste from the fan shells and shrimp for the removal of heavy metals

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The purpose of the project is to eliminate the heavy metals present in the water of trout fish farms using pellets based on the chitin from the skeletons of shrimp and debris from the fan shells.The product is made up of pellets capable of adsorbing the heavy metals ( Cu, Zn, Pb) contained in the water of trout fish farms in Junín. The pellets will be prepared from debris from the exoskeletons of prawns and fan shells.These pellets will be placed as water filters in the pools that contain the trout, so that the contaminated water passes through these filters before being part of the pool. In this way, the quality of the water in the fish farms will be improved, making it possible to obtain healthier trout and suitable for human consumption. In the preparation of these materials, shrimp and scallop wastes will be used in addition to the tara gum. The shrimp skeletons will be used for the extraction of chitin while the debris from the ground fan shells will be the base of the adsorbent. Tare gum will be the binder for the manufacture of pellets.
Effective start/end date1/12/1831/03/21


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