Monitoring system for the execution of international environmental commitments of the Peruvian State and its impact on the international arena: obligations, competences and transparency

  • Caminada Vallejo, Romina Ximena (PI)

Project: Research

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The research project aims to create an analytical repository of international obligations from the environmental treaties that Peru has signed, the obligations acquired under them, as well as the authorities responsible for their compliance. The objective is to have a virtual platform that is used both by public officials for the mapping and evaluation of progress in the fulfillment of the obligations acquired by the Peruvian State, as well as by the general public interested in knowing the commitments acquired, the responsible entities to comply with them and progress in their compliance. This work is expected to contribute to the State avoiding the dispersion of responsibility for implementing international agreements.
Effective start/end date1/04/1931/03/20


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