Reinforcement of the rolling layer of rural roads with natural fibers.

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The present investigation seeks to determine if the incorporation of natural fibers is effective to reinforce the wearing course of a rural road. For which, it is proposed to estimate the increase in the resistance of the wearing course by means of CBR and Mr tests, and the evaluation of the performance by means of the Hamburg wheel test. To do this, samples will be taken from a rural road in the district of Cieneguilla, to which different treatments with vegetable fiber (Vetiver) will then be incorporated. The samples will be compacted with a linear roller and a rotary compactor. The research is expected to contribute to the reduction of maintenance costs of rural roads, and indirectly improve the quality of life and environment of neighboring communities.


According to the MTC reports, the transport infrastructure in Peru corresponds predominantly to unpaved rural roads. Only 16% of the roads are paved against 84% that is unpaved. Despite having a high percentage of unpaved roads, traffic demand does not justify an investment in paving. Even so, it is important to meet the needs of the populations surrounding these roads, providing them with low-cost construction solutions with a maintenance system that respects the environment. Different types of soil stabilizers have been investigated for many years, including cement, lime and chemical additives. However, the use of natural fibers, friendly to the environment, is recent, so it is necessary to develop research in this regard. Vetiver fiber has been used successfully in slope stabilization, erosion control and soil remediation. Therefore, significant effectiveness is expected in the reinforcement of rural roads.
Effective start/end date1/04/2231/03/23


  • Universidad de Lima: PEN84,760.00


  • soil stabilization
  • Soil reinforcement
  • resilient module
  • Vetiver
  • natural fiber

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  • Road infrastructure
  • Transport and communication

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  • Applied


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