Replacing the conventional treatment of fish pumping water by adapting electrocoagulation technology to achieve LMP at lower cost

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The present study proposes to optimize the process of decontamination of fish pumping water by means of an electrocoagulation reactor (EC) that will be developed on a laboratory scale by selecting the ideal electrode to its capacity to remove total solids as a measure of efficiency. The EC process optimized through a statistical experimental design, adjusting the treatment time and current intensity will perform a physical-chemical characterization of the solids recovered. With the data obtained, a pilot scale EC reactor will be designed and manufactured ”that will be installed at the Pesquera Diamante plant located in Callao, where the necessary adjustments will be made in order to reach the LMP in the treated pumping water, It is important to validate this process and submit it to a technical-economic study. The solids recovered in the pilot EC reactor will be studied and characterized for potential applications in the food and agricultural field.
Effective start/end date1/11/1823/09/21


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