Strategic and programmatic planning of emergency camps and prototypes of temporary emergency housing (VTE) in Peru

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The strategic and programmatic planning of temporary emergency camps (CTE) and the design of temporary emergency housing (VTE) is a matter of central importance in countries highly vulnerable to natural disasters, such as Peru. This research proposal continues the work carried out during 2019 (Diagnosis of habitability conditions in VTE. Five case studies in Peru), which identified the main habitability variables (physical and social) of the VTE. Thus, it seeks to raise a proposal for the Peruvian case.
During the previous investigation, after conducting field visits and interviewing victims, authorities and non-governmental organizations, we verified that there are no protocols or tools for the correct formulation of norms and laws in relation to the design of camps and temporary emergency housing in Peru. Both the choice of location and the design of the camps and houses were done in an unplanned way, in response to an emergency. In this sense, this research seeks to complement the previous work (diagnosis) and propose proposals at three levels: improvements in existing VTEs, design of VTE prototypes for each macro-region and strategic and programmatic planning of emergency camps.
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/03/21