Advertising in Children and Memory Based Brand Consideration Sets

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    Some theoretical frameworks suggest that consumer's propensity to buy a brand starts by choosing from a closed number brand consideration set, one which may be memory based. Advertising may work as an influential factor over memory as well as in the composition of these brand consideration sets. The present study observes the link between spontaneous advertising recall over consideration sets formation in children. This age group is studied because, despite the literature being broad on advertising effects over children, there are no reported studies regarding consideration set elaboration. An experiment was made with children belonging to Concrete Operational stage, simulating a purchase scenario, in order to monitor advertising's effect on memory based consideration sets. Results did not suggest a correlation between spontaneous advertising recall and the constitution of memory based sets.
    Translated title of the contributionAdvertising in Children and Memory Based Brand Consideration Sets
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    StatePublished - 2013

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