Among communication and social sciences

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This article focuses on the crossroads where communications research and
reflection meet the social sciences, particularly sociology. An overview of this
topic is undertaken through an examination of texts whose authors seek for
an answer about the nature of communication as something distinct from the
strictly social, and thus an autonomous field for the organization of meaning, or rather if sociology finds a meaning to the social world of communication. Different approaches are glimpsed according to historical contexts and
particular circumstances modified throughout time. A selection of themes
is developed, in which interdisciplinarity is essential for explanations and
projections. On the first place, cultural change and the new situation of the
social subject, which affects his plans and possibilities in the midst of new
values. That is to say, to what extent the organization of personal life is affected by work flexibility and professional innovation, so as the positions of
talent, memory and learning. On the second place the debate about popular
and erudite culture, as seen in Mario Vargas Llosa’s book La civilización del
espectáculo, which puts at stake the mass media considering them as ‘deviant
teachers or almighty promoters of ignorance’. On the third place, the public/private sphere relations debate as seen from social history. This includes
changes generated by the mass media when they burst into private life, and
the imperaive need of the social subject of showing himself and making a public performance of his/her private life . Finally, contemporary debates about
technologies, as contemplated by authors which, from philosophy, cultural
criticism, neurosciences and communication, try to evaluate the effects of digital technologies upon cognitive processes, subjectivity and memory
Translated title of the contributionAmong communication and social sciences
Original languageSpanish
JournalRevista de Estudios para el Desarrollo Social de la Comunicación
StatePublished - Nov 2014


  • communications
  • mass media
  • social sciences
  • cultural change
  • interdisciplinarity

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