Análisis Económico y Jurídico del negocio de multipropiedad en el Perú

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The time sharing as a novel practice of acquiring a real estate property, is an institution through which the prerogative of using, enjoying and disposing exclusively and for a period of time determined a year, a furnished accommodation with their respective complementary services is determined , that is to say of sports facilities, swimming pools, gyms, rooms of computer entertainment, and everything that the family allows to recreate
in a healthy and healthy way.
Through an economic analysis, we intend to evaluate if the timeshare system could be a profitable system, which could be attractive for both national and foreign investors that have an interest in investing in our country under this modality; and at the same time check the benefit that could result for consumers (owners of the timeshare right), in such a way, that both parties leave satisfied and can cover their needs: the first (investors), the obtaining of dividends and the second (acquirers), a place of rest with all the comforts that any superior level hotel can offer, investing proportionally to what is actually used.
Original languageSpanish (Peru)
Title of host publicationAnálisis Económico y Jurídico del negocio de multipropiedad en el Perú
Place of PublicationLima
Number of pages20
Volume1,203 página
StatePublished - 9 Dec 2020

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