Las paradojas cognitivas de las tecnologías de la información

Translated title of the contribution: The Cognitive Paradoxes of Information Technologies

Umberto Luigi Roncoroni Osio

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle (Contribution to Journal)peer-review


Inthispaper we analyze the cultural and commercial dynamics of the information society in relation to digital media. As many scholars point out, certain features of communication media can produce a type of cognitive regression that is expressed in new forms of ignoranceand conformism.Theseprocesses are very dangerous as they go frequently unnoticed under the non-critical optimism that characterizes digital utopias. We aim at demonstrating that these problems do not depend on technology itself but on the principles and foundations that govern our relationship with technology
Translated title of the contributionThe Cognitive Paradoxes of Information Technologies
Original languageSpanish
Article number23
Issue number23
StatePublished - 26 Aug 2015


  • communication
  • conformism
  • creativity
  • information technologies
  • overproduction
  • how business


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