Recommendation in higher education using data mining techniques

Álvaro Ortigosa, Leila Shaftr, Javier Braver, César Vialardi Sacín

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One of the main problems faced by university students is to take the right decision in relation to their academic itinerary based on available information (for example courses, schedules, sections, classrooms and professors). In this context, this work proposes the use of a recommendation system based on data mining techniques to help students to take decisions on their academic itineraries. More specifically, it provides support for the student to better choose how many and which courses to enrol on. having as basis the experience of previous students with similar academic achievements. For this purpose, we have analyzed real data corresponding to seven years of student enrolment at the School of System Engineering at Universidad de Lima. Based on this analysis, a recommendation system was developed.
Original languageAmerican English
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2009
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  • Computer assisted instruction
  • Data mining
  • Educational technology
  • Enseñanza asistida por computadora
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  • Higher education
  • Minería de datos
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