When performance met energy consumption. Broyden's method: Case study

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Broyden's method is a mathematical approach widely used in several fields of science and engineering where it is necessary to solve Non-Linear system equations. This method, which belongs to Quasi-Newton methods, involves a set of well know Linear Algebra operations as matrix-vector product, inner product, etc. These linear algebra operations are implemented in several linear algebra packages as routines. Some of these Linear Algebra packages are BLAS and LAPACK (MKL library for Intel architecture) libraries or PLASMA and cuBLAS libraries. All of them have been considered in this paper in order to compare the performance in terms of execution time, energy consumption and efficiency; but also, taking into account an study about energy consumption of the different implementations carried out in this work. As a result, we present which implementation of Broyden's method produces less energy consumption.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 5 Dec 2017


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