Identification of a geometrically nonlinear micromorphic continuum via granular micromechanics

Emilio Barchiesi, F. dell'Isola, L. Placidi, A. Misra

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Describing the emerging macro-scale behavior by accounting for the micro-scale phenomena calls for microstructure-informed continuum models accounting properly for the deformation mechanisms identifiable at the micro-scale. Classical continuum theory, in contrast to the micromorphic continuum theory, is unable to take into account the effects of complex kinematics and distribution of elastic energy in internal deformation modes within the continuum material point. In this paper, we derive a geometrically nonlinear micromorphic continuum theory on the basis of granular mechanics, utilizing grain-scale deformation as the fundamental building block. The definition of objective kinematic descriptors for relative motion is followed by Piola’s ansatz for micro–macro-kinematic bridging and, finally, by a limit process leading to the identification of the continuum stiffness parameters in terms of few micro-scale constitutive quantities. A key aspect of the presented approach is the identification of relevant kinematic measures that describe the deformation of the continuum body and link it to the micro-scale deformation. The methodology, therefore, has the ability to reveal the connections between the micro-scale mechanisms that store elastic energy and lead to particular emergent behavior at the macro-scale.
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PublicaciónZeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Physik
EstadoPublicada - 12 jul. 2021


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