Scientific research in marketing dissertations: Positive graduate school practices

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Undergraduate students in Peru have limited experience in scientific research. They are more familiar with formats free of scientific methodologies, such as business plans, marketing plans, processes reviewing to propose improvements, or lengthy monographic essays about a marketing subject. This limitation extends to several graduate school masters’ programs, were professional experience also biases students of understanding research from a practitioner or commercial perspective. However, education in scientific methodologies adds relevant value to the student’s training. This paper presents the reviews and adjustments made along dissertation seminars’ syllabi and curricula, of two masters’ programs from a high ranked Peruvian university, aimed to promote and practice scientific research as an appealing option. After implementing the adjustments, dissertation advances made by the students working on marketing topics show they are gaining the competencies sough.
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  • Teaching methodologies
  • research methods
  • scientific literacy

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