Virtual University and Educational Transformation in the Context of the Pandemic

Pedro Tito-Huamaní, Sebastian Aponte, Thalía Castañeda, Karol Garamendi, Fiorella Custodio, Emerson Soto

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The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an abrupt transformation to virtual education, which highlighted the numerous shortcomings in the organization, methodology, strategies, and technology used. The article’s objective was to deepen knowledge on the impact of the virtual university on educational transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The methodology used was a literature review. Different searches of reliable and recently published sources were carried out in the Scopus database. The following four points were prioritized: global context, ICT, e-learning, and the emotional aspect of students and teachers. The results indicate that the adaptation to an online education exposed significant gaps in the sector, affecting both students and teachers, and resulting in a lack of motivation in their academic work. It is concluded that virtual education is in total development mode. Therefore, institutions must improve their entire organization to adapt to the new form of teaching and learning.
Idioma originalInglés
Número de artículo11
Páginas (desde-hasta)203-214
Número de páginas12
PublicaciónJournal of Higher Education Theory and Practice
EstadoPublicada - 7 set. 2022

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