Waste Reduction Model in a Small Clothing Company-Umbrella Model

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Excess waste problem is encountered by small and medium-sized
companies in the textile and clothing sector, which has a negative impact on the
profitability of these companies. Herein, a diagnosis analysis is performed in a
small company using the Ishikawa diagram to identify the root causes and they are
measured using indicators. Based on these results, a change management model is
proposed, which supports the implementation of lean manufacturing tools and
production system components during the 30-day pilot application. Then, each
indicator is reassessed to verify the feasibility of the proposed umbrella model.
Results show that this model reduced the amount of waste by 81.21%.
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Título de la publicación alojadaAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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EstadoPublicada - 25 jul. 2019

Palabras Clave

  • Lean manufacturing
  • Clothing industry
  • Waste reduction
  • Change management
  • Umbrella model

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